Mobile Homeless Services

WeHOPE’s Mobile Homeless Service meet the needs of the homeless where they are through initiatives that include access to free showers, laundry, safe parking for vehicle dwellers, virtual medical assessments and comprehensive case management to assist in securing permanent housing.

Dignity On Wheels

Innovative solution that provides homeless individuals access to clean showers, laundry service and bathroom facilities. WeHOPE launched Dignity on Wheels' first mobile hygiene unit in 2015, and has continued to expand to accommodate the demand and further its reach.

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Vehicle Safe Parking

A program for individuals and families living in cars or RVs  who are seeking a safe place to park with services geared towards finding a stable housing solution.

Recharge - HITTING THE ROAD IN 2020

Virtual medical assessment and personal recharge station will provide on demand virtual medical consultations, comprehensive case management, internet access, computers, snacks and a comfortable place to rest and recharge for homeless individuals.