Job Training and Life Skills

WeHOPE breaks down all the barriers that stand in the way of achieving self-sufficiency through programs that put an end to underemployment, find affordable housing, help individuals budget for financial sustainability, and strengthen personal and community relationships through life skills classes and restorative practices to combat recidivism.

Restoring lives through dignified opportunities


Job training and certification programs designed to provide dignified employment and a livable wage to those facing underemployment or unemployment throughout the Bay Area.

HOPE Jobs provides free certification courses taught by nationally certified instructors within their professional industry.

Courses include:

  • Custodial Technician Certification 
  • Guard Card Certification
  • CA Food Handling Certification

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600+ program graduates since the start of the program in 2016

Dignity @Work

Combatting recidivism by helping the formerly incarcerated successfully transition into society with proper education, support, and resources.

In 2018, WeHOPE Partnered with Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center, The City of East Palo Alto and the San Mateo County Sherriff’s Office to launch a re-entry program for soon-to-be-released and formerly incarcerated individuals to help them successfully transition into society and unify with their families.

The program offers life, communication, problem solving, and financial management skills along with job and entrepreneurship training resulting in dignified employment that provides livable wages resulting in a reduction in recidivism.

Restoring HOPE

Reducing recidivism rates while providing jobs with a purpose. 

In 2003, WeHOPE Founders, Pastor Paul, and Cheryl Bains recognized that adequate employment is key in reducing recidivism. Even more, a career with a purpose is important in building a fulfilling life.

Legislative and social barriers towards the formerly incarcerated can make it difficult to find work, which is why WeHOPE provides meaningful employment to those leaving prison while offering the support and resources needed to excel in their career and life. 

More than 55% of all WeHOPE employees were formerly incarcerated.

WeHOPE’s “Restoring HOPE” recidivism rate is 3% while the state of California’s overall recidivism rate is 50%

Dignity@Work Restorative Justice Program

Combatting the school to prison pipeline and relations between youth offenders and police officers through restorative practices.

In partnership with the San Jose Police Department, WeHOPE will address and reduce the school to prison pipeline, the recidivism rate and the risk of homelessness by reimagining relations, perceptions, and interactions between police and juvenile offenders of color through restorative practices.  

By bringing police officers and juvenile offenders of color together, each group can increase their understanding of the other and the challenges each face. WeHOPE’s unique approach includes:

  • Building healthy relationships between peace officers and youth offenders
  • Reduce, prevent, and improve harmful behavior (by both parties)
  • Repair harm and create positive relationships

Program launch: March 2021 – Lead gift provided by Amgen